How to buy shares in groww app

You may have heard before that only 2% of Indians are there who are investing and trading lovers and actually invest in the stock market. But, this percentage seems to be boosting day by day as the whole system of trading is switching to the online platforms. The ease and solace of online trading has led a huge number of Indians to somewhere rely on their earnings from such investment activities.

One of the trading platforms of India which is swiftly increasing it’s customer base day by day is none other than growing apps. Have you heard of the grow app?

Well, Groww is an online investment platform based in India that mostly targets first-time investors and millennials. The headquarters of the groww app are in Bangalore, it enables investors to open an account electronically and transact in mutual funds and stocks online. As in June 2018, Groww had partnered itself with the 34 mutual fund houses and around 5000 mutual funds were accessible on the platform. As of Sep 2020, with 8 million users, the company had raised $59 million in venture capital.

But as mentioned, most of the users of the grow app are none other than the new learners, therefore they face a hell lot of difficulty in using the platform, though it is an easy one. They face this difficulty mostly because they don’t understand those typical technical terms. So, to obviate this dilemma , we came up with this article that covers the problems like how to buy shares in the grows app. So, lets begin!!

How can one open a demat account on the grow app?

Firstly, you are required to open a demat account with groww app, if you want to buy the shares from the platform. Follow the below mentioned steps for the same.

Step 1- Log in to the Groww app. Below the ‘Stocks’ tab, click on the ‘ complete setup’.

Step 2- Click on the ‘Open Stocks Account‘ to continue. The account opening charges on Groww are zero. Great right? Now, For other charges please click on the‘See all charges’. Once you go through all the charges and decide to pay the applicable charges, click on the ‘open Stocks Account’.

Step 3- now, Enter details about your occupation, income, mother’s as well as father’s name to complete the KYC process. Then, Verify the correctness of the details and click on the ‘Next’ to proceed.

Step4- Enter your trading experience from the drop-down list and then simply click on ‘Next’ once done. To proceed.

Step 5- the next is uploading your signature. Take a picture of your signature on a plane white sheet from the option in the app. If you are satisfied with the picture of you signature then click on ‘looks good’ and proceed. It is an important step.

Step 6- This step includes Aadhaar based e-sign. In this process, you have to submit your Aadhaar number to the e-sign service and will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number linked to your Aadhaar. To e-sign, click on ‘E-SIGN AOF’. (AOF) will be sent to the registered email ID. Print the form, read the details carefully, sign at the mandatory places and courier the form to the address mentioned on the screen. Upon verification of the form, you will be informed and your account will be activated then.

Step 7- If your given mobile number is linked to Aadhaar, then enter the OTP/security code sent to your given mobile no. and click on ‘Submit’.

Step 8- Now you just have to Read the Demat account opening form carefully and click on ‘Sign Now’ to proceed further.

Step 9- You will be supervised to NSDL electronic signature service. Just enter your Aadhaar number or Aadhaar virtual ID in the space provided, and therefore click on the ‘Send OTP’ button. Enter the OTP to finalize the e-sign process.

Now you have signed in successfully and now you can start investing.

How to buy shares on groww app?

For buying a share, on the home screen ( under the stocks tab), all the necessary information such as Nifty and Sensex live updates, filters like top gainers and top losers of the day will be available. . Companies are also categorized according to the market cap and sectors on the landing page clearly. There you will get a search or navigation bar where you could simply enter the name of the stock you are hoping to invest in.

Once you click on the stock of your choice, you will be supervised to it’s product page. On Groww platform, investors can view all information and Data of a stock and the business on a single screen. This encompasses historic achievement of a stock, opening and closing price for a day , the amount of buy/sell orders, company statistics and financial ratios, company information, financial statements, shareholding pattern, and peer comparison. The app also enables investors to place a market or limit order as well as assess the bid/offer spread of the stock. All the vitals of a company are illustrated in a tabular or graphical setup for your clarity.

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The Great Normalization

Despite the subdued celebration in welcoming the New Year, we have now passed the tumultuous 2020 and entered in 2021 with lots of hope and excitement. Scientists have made a landmark achievement in developing vaccines for the coronavirus in record time. Hopes are high that the virus will be contained and the global economy will gather momentum in 2021.

Indian economy has turned out to be more resilient than many of us thought. Most of the high frequency indicators are pointing towards better than expected recovery. Market experts and economists are now forecasting GDP to contract by 7%-8% in FY 2020-21. This is much better than the earlier forecasts of more than 10% contraction. In the FY 2021-22, GDP growth is expected to rebound to 9%-11%.

One of the factors which drove this recovery is the easy monetary policy. The RBI reduced the policy repo rate by cumulative 115 basis points and the reverse repo rate by 155 basis points in 2020. This was after a 135 basis points reduction in the policy rates in 2019. Currently the repo rate stands at 4.0% and the reverse repo rate at 3.35% which is lowest in the last decade. RBI’s action on liquidity was even more aggressive. Liquidity surplus in the banking system has been kept over Rs. 6 trillion for most of the time after the pandemic outbreak.

RBI’s easy monetary policy has been the biggest driver of the fixed income markets. Bond yields came down to lowest levels since the aftermath of global financial crisis. The 10-year government bond is currently quoting below 6% and short term upto 1 year maturity bonds are below 3.5%.

With the fall in interest rates, prices of long term bonds appreciated and consequently long term bond funds gained. While returns from shorter maturity funds like liquid funds suffered due to falling yield on short term debt securities.

Going into 2021, the drivers of fixed income performance are likely to change. In the last two years performance of the fixed income asset class was predominantly driven by the RBI’s monetary accommodation. But now with inflation hovering above the policy repo rate, room for further rate cuts may not be available. On the contrary, the RBI may look to roll back some of the easing measures undertaken during the last year.

Monetary Policy Normalization

In 2020 central banks across the globe have gone ‘all in’ to neutralize the economic pain caused by the covid-19 pandemic. Most of them have committed to keep interest rate lower for longer to allow economy to gain sustainable momentum. The RBI too, in its monetary policy in October 2020, has committed to maintain an accommodative monetary policy stance over the next fiscal year.

Going into 2021 impact of the crisis is subsiding and the economy is getting back on track faster than anticipated. There are also some early signs of inflation picking up. Being an inflation targeting central bank, it would be difficult for the RBI to maintain this ultra-easy monetary policy for long. Nevertheless, the economic recovery is still at a nascent stage and will require continued policy support to gain strength.

Given the macro backdrop of fragile growth recovery and sticky inflation trend, the RBI may maintain a status quo on policy rates in the next year. But, if growth sustains, its focus could shift towards policy normalization and a gradual withdrawal of excess monetary accommodation.

In past, liquidity excesses have caused macro instability and resulted in crisis. Uncontrollable inflationary pressures post 2008 global financial crisis and the recent credit crisis in the bond and money markets after the IL&FS collapse all have their roots linked to liquidity excesses.

The RBI may begin normalization of monetary policy by the middle of 2021. It could start by reducing the amount of excess liquidity. The effective policy rate could shift up from the reverse repo to repo rate. This could reset all the short term money market rates upward. Currently, overnight call, TREPS and most segments of the money markets are trading below reverse repo rate.

We expect money market interest rates to rise which will have implications for the entire bond curve. Though the longer term yields may not rise as much as the RBI is expected to continue its OMO/twists to support the government bond borrowing programme.

Fiscal consolidation roadmap

Just like monetary policy, the government also stretched its fiscal position to deal with the crisis. Even before this pandemic, consolidated fiscal deficit of center and state government was at elevated levels. In the crisis it faced a double whammy of lower tax collections and an increased spending on health care and welfare.

In the current fiscal year 2020-21, center’s fiscal deficit could rise to 8% of GDP while states could add about 5% of GDP. India’s public debt could jump to about 90% of GDP this year. This is one of the highest among similar rated emerging economies.

India is rated “BBB-” and equivalent by all the big three rating agencies. Ratings of BBB (minus) and above are considered “Investment grade”. Ratings below this threshold are termed as ‘speculative grade’ or more commonly in bond market parlance as ‘Junk’ category.

Being investment grade, makes it easier for the Indian government and companies to raise capital from the global markets. In other words if India gets downgraded to ‘Junk’ which is just a notch down, it could seriously constrain our ability to raise foreign capital especially through debt.

Thus a medium term fiscal plan will be needed to bring down the fiscal deficit and debt levels to more sustainable levels. Government’s roadmap for fiscal consolidation will have bearing on the bond markets as well. Market will closely watch for cues in the budget for FY 2021-22 which would be presented early next month. Anything higher than 5% FD/GDP would require a lot of support from the RBI, else long term interest rates will move higher.

Global Bond Index and Foreign flows

Globally bond yields have come down. In most of the developed economies yields are close to zero or even negative. Negative yielding debt has surpassed USD 18 trillion in December 2020. Compared to this, the yield on Indian bonds looks attractive even after adjusting for potential INR depreciation.

Government is also keen on attracting foreign capital into Indian debt market. They have made necessary changes in the rules for foreign investments to get into global bond indices. A new fully accessible route (FAR) has been created for foreign investors to buy specified Indian government bonds with restriction. This is a major step in direction of listing Indian bonds into global bond indices.

There is a hope that India will become part of some global bond index as soon as middle of this year. If it happens, this would create a new sustainable demand source for the Indian bonds. There is an expectation that index inclusion could attract foreign inflows of USD 20-30 billion.

Foreigners have been selling Indian bonds for the last 3 years. Foreign investments in India bonds are now below USD 40 bn. The potential limits available for investment is now upwards of USD 200 billion.

Given the high global liquidity and low yields in developed economies, India could attract sizeable foreign inflows in the domestic bond markets. If happens this would be a major positive for the bond markets.

Portfolio Outlook

In 2021 bond yields could reverse their downward trend and grind up towards the year end. Short end rates (upto 3 years maturity) are currently priced aggressively due to excess liquidity and thus carry maximum risk of reversal. While the longer segment may continue to get the RBI’s support from OMO purchases and twists. Thus the yield curve will likely to flatten (short term rates move up more than longer ends).

In the Quantum Dynamic Bond Fund (QDBF) portfolio we continue to focus on tactical trading opportunities within a narrow range. QDBF does not take any credit risks and invests only in sovereigns and top-rated PSU bonds, but it does take high-interest rate risk from time to time.

Given the yield curve is already very steep and the RBI is actively intervening in the market to protect long bond yields from rising, we are positioned at the longer end of the maturity curve which is offering better accrual yield.

This is a tactical position that can change based on market developments and new information flows. Given the objective of the fund stated in the name itself – we retain our right to remain dynamic in our portfolio construction as we remain cognizant of the risks on the horizon.

We understand the economy and markets are currently adjusting to an unprecedented shock. There are too many moving parts and things are still evolving. Thus any forecast about the future is susceptible to change based on policy responses from the government and the RBI and the changes in global markets. We stand vigilant to review our outlook as and when new information comes. Nevertheless, it would be prudent for investors to be conservative at times of heightened uncertainty.

Investors should acknowledge that the best of bond market rally is now behind us. At this time it would be prudent to lower the return expectations from fixed income – as money market yields, fixed deposits will remain low and potential capital gains from long bond funds will be muted.

Conservative investors should remain invested in categories like liquid fund where impact of interest rate rise would be favorable. However, while selecting a liquid fund be cautious of the credit quality and liquidity of the underlying portfolio.

At this point where fixed deposit rates have come down to historical lows, liquid funds could be better alternative in comparison to locking in long term fixed deposits. Liquid Funds invest in upto 91-day maturity debt securities which get reprised higher when interest rates rise. Fixed deposits interest rates remain fixed for the entire tenor thus lose out during rising interest rate cycle.

Investors with higher risk appetite and longer holding period can look for dynamic bond funds where the fund manager has flexibility to change the portfolio when market views change. These funds are best suited for long term fixed income allocation goals. However, do remember that bond funds are not fixed deposits and their returns could be highly volatile and even negative in short period of time.

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With stock markets rising, should investors still hold gold?

With equity markets soaring and the gold rally pausing for breath, investors are debating whether they should maintain their allocations to gold or exit the asset class.

It’s appalling how easily we discount and look beyond the value that an asset class brings to the table, especially when its “falling out of favor” like gold is currently. We get busy chasing the best performing asset class, which seems to be equities for now.

Here are two reasons why doing that wouldn’t be prudent.

Owning gold is not about the upside potential, it is about minimizing risk to the downside

Every asset class plays a role in the portfolio. While equities generate growth and debt brings regular income, gold because of its lower correlation to the other two provides diversification and lends stability. We saw these characteristics play out as recently as this year when stock markets fell off the cliff and gold climbed to new peaks, in addition to gold’s history of improving portfolio risk-adjusted returns.

Yes, the recovery in stock markets since the collapse of March has been phenomenal, and could continue going forward, but let’s not forget that the steep fall wiped off a third of investor capital within a matter of days. For an investor to participate in and benefit from the unprecedented equity market rally we’ve seen this year, he should have firstly been able to digest the massive losses of March and stay on. An all equity portfolio for the three months ending 31st March 2020 was down 28% compared to a diversified portfolio with 40-40-20 allocation to equities, debt and gold which fell by only 8% based on Sensex TRI, Crisil Composite Bond Fund Index and Domestic Price of Gold.
Those with diversified portfolios were hurt less and probably are the ones who managed to stick it out through the volatility and reap the benefits that followed.

So, while it is true that investing in shares can give you a better return than investing in gold, it’s important to appreciate that the presence of portfolio diversifier like gold, which tend to do well when risk assets like equities perform poorly, is what enables us to take on higher risk that comes with equity investing in the first place.

Thus don’t question gold’s relevance in your portfolio and do maintain adequate gold allocation.

No asset class can go up in a straight line, including equities

Despite historic damage to economic activity, equity markets, with the help of massive fiscal and monetary stimulus, ended the year in the green with valuations at all-time highs.

The optimism surrounding the economic rebound and the cheap liquidity backdrop is expected to encourage further risk taking in search for yield and continue to propel equities in 2021. This could be a headwind for gold and could limit its rise next year. However, the fact remains that the economic rebound is prone to setbacks like vaccine inefficacy, further waves of infections, the new virus strain now detected in the UK and fresh lockdowns.

If the recovery falters or is weaker than expected, investors might question the rich valuations resulting in repricing to historical averages and market corrections. With investors vulnerable to a host of potential disappointments, cautious optimism seems to be the way forward. And with low yields limiting bond markets’ ability to act as a hedge against equity price volatility, gold could be an effective portfolio diversifier in the case of another stock market correction and renewed risk aversion. In addition, weak economic growth will require continued doses of fiscal and monetary stimulus, which too will bode well for gold.

So to answer the question in the title, the choice investors have to make isn’t between equities or gold, but in fact it is equities and gold.

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Management Consultants – Global Expansion Consulting Firms – Executive Recruiting – A Must Read

Many times companies stand at the threshold of massive stardom but carry the burden of dead weight management that simply take up space and increase salary costs. The company needs to eliminated them and recruit qualified management but there is often an emotional element at play here which makes it difficult to take the garbage out to the curb on trash collection day. There are many corporate cautionary tales here. Companies that could have been but never were are a dime a dozen because they lacked the motivation to get past that emotional ingredient that paralyzes them, not allowing them to fire someone who has become a buddy. Your mind will play all kinds of tricks on you by telling you that: this guy has a family, you and he have a history, you can’t just fire someone who helped build this company and so on. What you are forgetting here is that the presence of this individual is jeopardizing the careers and livelihood of everyone else involved so this action of elimination is serving the greatest good.

Make things easy on yourself. Hire a management or expansion consultant. These people are use to being labeled as the bad guy and have thick skin allowing them to cut through the emotional BS and capture the reality of what will help your company get to the next level. They will make their decision on professional pedigree, executive contact portfolio, who can handle themselves best in a public or panel discussion setting, who has the most desirable track record for attracting the best executive candidates and so on.

Often times companies that find themselves at this crossroad are in the process of going public which is even more of a reason to hire an expansion consultant as they will apply your business to a proven template that will yield success, if your buddy needs to be eliminated and replaced they will be able to demonstrate the reasons why with empirical data and they will give you the profile of a candidate that is ideal for his replacement.

To attract the proper replacement for a ‘C’, ‘VP’ or executive level professional you should bate them with stock and if possible pre IPO stock. Corporate shares and a solid compensation price will often get the right people through the door for an interview. The stock should be a combination of restricted and non restricted and their acceptance of the non restricted demonstrates their intent on longevity with your company and non restricted shares demonstrate trust by you, stating that you’re willing to put a little more skin in the game in order to bring on the right talent.

A management recruiter is not typically what is needed for the above situation. A management consultant or an international expansion consulting firm can typically offer a turn-key solution to your corporate recruiting efforts as well as your expansion and IPO aspirations.

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Corporate Consulting – The Key to Every Businesses Success

Corporate consulting refers to the type of service being offered by professional, expert individuals and companies to business owners with the aim to help them develop and later on, achieve specific goals that can lead to the business’ success. Corporate consultants have different expertise as such, they usually offer different type of services which include fine turning the company’s operations, evaluating existing structures and process, and giving out training to the management team.

Corporate consultants are considered indispensable in the business world. Giant corporations are depending on these people when certain tasks are needed to be carried out. For example, if a certain business feels the need to develop the skills of their management team, corporate consultants who have background in leadership training can take the drive seat. These people are also commonly hired if the cohesion and efficiency of a particular department needs to be addressed. For example, if a certain corporation wishes to restructure their current financial process, they’ll call in consultants with financial accounting background.

Another form of consulting that is related to corporate consulting has to do with sales and marketing effort. A company may sign up for this service if it begins to lose market shares or if a new product will be launched. Consultants are hired to investigate the exact reasons for the market share loss and they’ll be asked to provide ideas on how to possibly turn around the situation. In case of launching a new product, the consultant is expected to help the sales and marketing team in developing ideas about proper packaging and marketing strategies.

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Interior Design Consultants

Be it your workplace, your home or your business, we always want our space to be the perfect combination of the aesthetics with the practical. As humans we are always willing to upgrade for our best of advantage.

The same goes with the space we own which we always wanted to customize according to our needs and requirements. Interior designing is an awful lot more than just painting your walls, rearranging your furniture and proper lighting and for this reason it is better to engage professional help which will also save you from a lot of head aches.

Proper space management is only possible by getting in touch with the interior design consultants who not only visually enhance your interior space but will also seek to optimize and harmonize the uses to which the built environment will be put for. Although some people think that getting in touch with an interior design consultant is an expensive business but the reality is that it can be a good budgeting decision that will not only help you save money in assembling your space but will also help you save a lot of time instead of managing things all by yourself.

With loads of creativity splashed on your interiors even your simple room can look like a million dollar place. Hiring a professional to make your space more attractive, up-to- date and functional is a very wise investment. The solutions for space management are functional, enhance the quality of life and culture of the occupants, and are aesthetically attractive. An interior designers consulting is highly prioritized according to the individual space and its function. Professional consultants are aware of the best and the most reasonable products available in the market that can make great wonders in your space.

These consultants can help you avoid the headaches often associated with re-modeling, expansion, and interiors work overall. When considering how to redesign any interior space it is important to consider just what type of style you want to incorporate in the provided space. Thus the interior design consultants help you transform your vision into reality by applying their creative skills to effective use for planning your space. With the help of an interior design consultant you will find that there are many options open to you to transform your space into something more ideal for your needs.

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What Services Can You Outsource to a Marketing Consultancy Firm?

If you are thinking about hiring a marketing consultancy firm to help you with your marketing needs, read on to find out what kinds of services you might be able to utilise:

Business & Marketing Review

A consultancy firm can look at every aspect of your business. You can have a business audit that helps you learn about potential missed opportunities, redundancies, and growth potential. You can have a consultant look at any or every aspect of your company to help you see where you can improve and / or grow.

Web Optimisation

Do you want to increase your online presence? A consultant can help you learn how to do that. You might be surprised at the dramatic difference that a few minor tweaks can make. A marketing strategist knows how to capitalise on free traffic, how to squeeze as much profit as possible out of paid campaigns, and how to measure your current success so that you can expand upon it.

Brand Management

Want your reputation improved? Want to capitalise on great skills that you have? A specialist can help you get the word out and help you manage your reputation.

Lead Generation

Are you currently capitalising on every visitor to your storefront (whether electronic or bricks & mortar)? There’s often room for improvement and growth.


Want to grow but don’t know how? Growing too fast right now and feel like things are spiralling out of control? Get help with outsourced services that can coach and help you succeed at getting and retaining customers.

Conferences & Exhibitions

Do you currently avoid trade shows, conferences, and exhibitions? You could be missing great opportunities to network and showcase what you’re great at. You might need help pulling presentation material together and creating a strategy. A consultancy firm can help.

Competitive Analysis

It’s more important than ever to analyse the competition. There are more tools available than ever that can help you do that. Doing so helps you do what the competition is doing and maybe even better. It also helps you capitalise on what they’re not so great at so you can effectively woo their customers over to your side of the fence.

Whether you want help because you don’t have enough man power or because you don’t know what to do next, a marketing consultancy firm can be a partner in excellence, doing as much or as little as you want and need to reach your goals.

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So, What is a “Compassionate Lingerie Consultant”?

1. You have to be a lingerie expert.

So, what qualifies you as a lingerie expert? For starters, you have to understand what lingerie is, where it is made and understand the different levels of quality, style and fit. You can always start to research lingerie, but that’s just the beginning. The true knowledge comes from working hands-on with products and understanding what is appropriate for the unique needs of each woman who will be wearing it. Also meeting the designers, interacting with vendors and having relationships with boutique owners over time can also help you have a broad knowledge of the latest trends and innovations. The emphasis being place on the fact that real understanding only happens over a longer period of time. Like in any industry, you have to stick with it and absorb all the nuances and details that will give you the best solutions to share with your clients.. The lesson here, is that there are no shortcuts to becoming an expert in anything but if you’re determined enough, anything is possible.

2. You have to be current.
That is to say that you must be connected to what’s happening in the world of lingerie and fashion. You can read the industry magazines and attend the trade shows which will give you an abundance of current information. That should be a considered a routine part of your work flow. The best way to stay current is to connect with your relationships in the industry. Visit the boutiques, speak with the owners, pick their brains since they’re the one’s who have an more immediate need to spot the next trends. Their sales and ultimately their survival depends on it. Shop the specialty boutiques, the high-end stores and try things on. Experiment with your own lingerie wardrobe and make sure that you have tested all the new and hot products that come out.

3. You have to have a strong sense of personal style.
Developing your own personal style takes work and lots of it. Taking on the challenge of helping a woman you’ve never met before find her personal style takes almost a sixth sense. You have to own your opinion and be willing to stand behind it. It takes a certain degree of confidence to form an opinion about someone else. What sets you apart as a professional is the ability to deliver your honest opinion to your client. It’s always a risk. The client may find flaw in it and may judge you based on it but that’s where you earn your money. Not every client is going to be a match for who you are and what your opinion is so remember that all you can do is be true to yourself and your professional opinion. Don’t ever forget that the reason you became a lingerie consultant is because you have the gift, which is your sense of personal style and the ability to educate women. You just need to listen to it and build up the confidence to honestly but tactfully deliver to a client.

4. You have to be a “lingerie consultant”.
Depending on what your strengths are, you may want to begin with an approach that you believe suits you best in the eyes of the client. For example, you may have a technical approach, a value-minded approach, or a stylistic-centered approach. A technical approach would be to focus on sizes and fit first, making sure you know all the variation in measurements that the boutiques may have and matching that to your client. A value-minded approach would be to find out what top boutiques are having sales and emphasizing the idea of looking great while saving your client money. A stylistic approach would be to focus on a set style which usually is based on your taste level and educating your client to upgrade to the appropriate level of quality that suits her own personal style. Since you’re the expert and you have a client that is looking for a strong sense of what’s hot, you may want to lead with that strength. You are hired to consult, educate and guide the client based on her personal desires, needs and comfort level.

5. You have to be compassionate.
Compassionate lingerie consulting with a client is a dynamic experience. What solidifies the experience for your client is how well you “got” her. You have to have the observational skills of a detective and the empathetic skills of good therapist. What is she saying in between her words? You have to listen to her words but even more importantly hear what she’s saying in her body language. What kind of reaction does she have when you show her different sets? Are you genuinely feeling her out and learning about who she is? Can you gather what her vulnerabilities are to help her through the resistance that is sure to come up? Can you put together a picture of the excitement and level of satisfaction she wants to feel through her new lingerie wardrobe. Every client is a story and they’re coming to you to make the sequel of their sensual life better and more exciting than the original. Being a compassionate lingerie consultant will help the client feel more at ease in her own skin and also inspire her to be gentle to herself. Once a woman feels more comfortable, she can fully explore and even celebrate the beautiful reflection in the mirror as she begins to “play” and flaunt her unique beauty. Having a compassionate consultant can completely change the way a woman feels about herself and can have a lasting effect in regards to her self-esteem.

The term “Compassionate Lingerie Consulting” and “Compassionate Lingerie Consultant” was coined by Margaret Shrum in describing the practice of her business “The Lingerie Diet”.

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Choosing the Best Accounting Schools

Accounting is defined as the measurement of assurance about certain information in the aid of resource allocation for managers and other decision makers. The most popular and most commonly practiced branch of accounting is financial accounting. In this branch of accounting involves processes where recorded, summarized, analyzed, organized, interpreted and communicated to others concerned. Many individuals are enticed to enter the accounting field because it can be a very lucrative job.

Accounting is a very exciting field. It presents many opportunities for growth and development. It is perfect for individual who are fond of solving problems and who are comfortable with working with numbers.

So you wanted to learn accounting and become a professional accountant? Don’t know what accounting school is right for you? With the increasing umber of schools and colleges offering accounting courses, the choice of accounting school can get really confusing.

The best thing you can do in choosing an accounting school is to first determine and preferably list down the thing you are looking for in a school. After doing this, the next step is to weigh the pros and cons of each school to determine which one could meet your needs.

The next thing to do is to perform the actual search for the accounting school. You can start by asking people you know, particularly those who have taken up or who are currently taking up accounting. You can visit the schools, college or universities near your location. You should also make very god use of technology. The Internet is a very good place to search the best accounting schools. Not only will it save you time and energy, the Internet can also be a very convenient way to compare accounting schools. Most schools list down course requirements and curriculum on the Internet.

This may seem like very tedious tasks. Yes it definitely would take some time, but you can never be too careful when io comes your education. Below are other tips to find the best accounting school.

Be sure of the things you want to gain by enrolling in the accounting school. Do you want an accounting degree or do just want to simply learn the fundamentals of accounting? If you want a degree in accounting then you muis6 consider schools that offer accelerated levels of teaching. But if you simply want to learn accounting then this is not very important.

If you are busty or if you are already working then it is highly advisable that you choose an accounting school that will give you the greatest flexibility. Do you want to learn from home? Then choose an accounting school that offers distant online learning and courses. Distant learning schools are an excellent choice for busy individuals. If you do not want distant learning then choose schools that offer night or weekend classes.. For sure there are many of those out there.

Choose the schools that offer the best financial plan. Most schools offer financial plans that will help you and other students afford the high cost of getting and education.

Getting the right accounting school is very important. It is the choice that will determine the learning that you will acquire and most probably your future in accounting. So weight your options very carefully. Perform a very good research before you enroll and take up an accounting course.

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SEO Experts and SEO Consultants – How They Help Your Business

You have set up your business website and then sat back to watch as customers come knocking on your door, but unfortunately not much has happened? When you try to use keywords that you think you deserve, are you still finding the other guys website popping up in those top 3 spots? This is an unfortunate situation that is constantly happening for millions of website owners. You may ask yourself “what’s happening?” It may be difficult for you to understand now because you are not involved in the field of search engine optimization. However, talented SEO experts and SEO consultants out there have a solid understanding of what is happening, and it is pretty simply to these experts. They seem to have a way with websites!

SEO consultants carry out a number of activities to ensure that your site is ranked highly by the search engines. These SEO experts work on a wide range of sites from static sites to dynamic ecommerce sites, lead generation websites and other online portals that are driven by a database. They will charge you a fee for their services, either to perform the work of getting you to the top or else for the advice to get you to the top. Often times paying SEO consultants for their services is one of the best investments a small business can make that will actually help you reap healthy rewards. However, don’t be carried away by SEO experts who promise you everything and a sack of gold with your site. It is not automatic that you will receive the top ranking once they optimize your site. There are millions of website owners out there trying to get their website to the top as well. Doing almost the same thing as you and competing for the same top ranking. But this should not dampen your spirit because there are people out there who understand the secrets to success.

I advise that you shop around for the best company or person and have them optimize your site and create a link building campaign to fit your needs. The reason you need links to your website is simple: you need to confirm to the search engines that you are a relevant source of information for your website’s topic. You may not jump immediately in the search engine rankings, but with time your ranking should improve as the SEO consultants perform the work to get your website to the top. They will often times continue adjusting your webs site to fit the changing standards of the various search engines. Patience is definitely a virtue when working in this area.

You can also register for some training to learn more about search engine optimization. This will enable you to work on your site personally to improve your search rankings. As mentioned before, the standards keep on changing. Therefore, you must keep on investing time or else you need to hire a company that stays up to date on the latest changes for you. To cut down the long term costs associated with this service, it is important to make that one-time investment and get the training or purchase the services. Being trained in this field isn’t always the best option for everybody. Businessmen and entrepreneurs may not have the time to optimize their sites on their own. The option here is to hire the services of talented SEO consultant to work on their sites.

This will ensure that you are able to obtain the traffic that is needed to sustain growth and obtain customers. Most customers interested in SEO services are businesses and retail stores that want to expand their place of sale.

Hiring the services of SEO consultants is a cost that has to be part of the daily running of your business. Just like paying your bills, hiring the services of SEO experts is an operating cost for any business that offers its services or products online. The fees you pay depends on the SEO expert services you are using as well as what the expert believes they are worth. I recommend that you consider price, but you must also determine who can actually prove that they will be able to provide the results you are looking for. The greater the reputation of a SEO provider, often times the higher the fees. However, there are still some talented firms that are affordable and ready to help.

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